Opening a Restaurant is Complicated


If you're anything like me, you get excited when you hear a new restaurant is opening in a couple months.  Every time you walk by you watch the progress being made.  Any day now it's going to open.  Then two months turns into 4 months that turns into 10 months.  A year goes by and you're pretty sure at this point that it will never open.  

I found this article that explains the process of opening a new place.  Besides getting neighborhood approval, you have to deal with L&I, the Dept of Health, zoning, construction issues to name just a few problems that arise when you least expect them to.  

So if you're getting impatient or maybe even planning on opening your own restaurant, please read this before you start.  It will explain the issues and get you prepared for the delays.


Restaurant Opening Delays


Photo courtesy of:  DANYA HENNINGER / BILLY PENN (A dish at Cheu Fishtown)